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Cycling has been a popular hobby for a long time. Many people find great enjoyment from cycling, whether for regular exercise, as transportation, or just occasionally for fun. Whether you’re looking to become more active or want a new hobby, there are many benefits to taking up cycling.

Maintain a healthy weight

One of the most obvious benefits of regular cycling is that it helps you maintain a healthy weight. By maintaining a healthy weight, you can lower your chances of life-threatening diseases and cancers. Simply spending about 30 minutes each day cycling can drastically increase your health.

Improve mental health

In addition to improving your physical health, cycling helps improve your mental health. Like any physical activity, cycling helps boost your endorphins and relieve stress; it can do wonders for helping with anxiety and depression. You’ll also be spending more time in the fresh air, which can help boost your mood. You’ll also find it easier to work through things that are troubling you as you take the time to cycle through nature.

Create great memories

Whether you choose to cycle alone or with other people, you’ll create great memories from this hobby. You can cycle to interesting places and see incredible sights. If you choose to cycle with other people, you’ll create strong connections and be able to have exciting experiences together.

Lower heart and lung disease

If you cycle regularly, you’ll significantly lower your risk of heart and lung disease. You get your blood pumping and stay healthy. If you choose to cycle places rather than travel in a vehicle, you’ll also be exposed to less harmful chemicals than driving in a car.

Help the environment

By choosing to cycle to places, whether to work or for leisure trips, instead of driving, you reduce your impact on the environment and lower your individual carbon emissions. If you’re planning on running a short errand, choose to cycle rather than drive.

Sleep better

When you begin regularly cycling, you’ll find that you’re also sleeping better. The physical exercise itself will tire you out, leading to deeper sleep. As you ease some stress as well, you’ll find that it’s easier to get and stay asleep.

Take care of your joints

Unlike some other forms of cardio, cycling is gentle on your joints. Many people run because they like to be able to get a change of scenery and move around, but cycling can provide the same benefit without the stress on your joints. Cycling can be particularly helpful for older people who want to be active but are conscious of how their joints are affected.