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For many of us, it can seem like a challenge to find ways to become more active in our daily lives. There are so many obligations and tasks vying for our attention that it gets a bit overwhelming to think about finding time to head to the gym on top of everything else. People find it easy to make excuses for why they aren’t going to go to the gym or have no time to fit in a workout. However, there are plenty of ways you can get more active in your daily life without having to spend hours at the gym.

Go for a walk

Going for a walk is an incredibly easy place to start if you want to be more active each day. Even just giving yourself half an hour or so to walk around your neighborhood can make a difference and help you become more active if you do it every day. Walk with a friend or family member and make it a time to spend quality time together.

Find at home workouts

Thanks to our phones and the internet, there’s an endless amount of content out there that you can access when it comes to fitness. Find some simple home workouts, either on a blog, on YouTube, or through an app on your phone, and get started! Many of these take ten minutes or less, but still have benefits. You can start with whatever level you’re comfortable at and work from there.

Take the stairs

When possible, take the stairs! If you work in an office building and it’s feasible to take several flights of stairs, do it. Doing it every day will have benefits and it’ll help give you a burst of energy at the beginning of the day. When you’re out and about, opt to take the stairs as well.

Do family activities

If you have young children, you know how active they like to be. Find activities that you can do as an entire family that gets you moving around. Whether it’s playing tennis, going for a hike, or riding bikes, there are plenty of options out there, especially as the weather gets nicer.

Start an active hobby

If you’re looking for a new hobby, choose something that helps you be more active in your daily life. Take up biking, running, or try a casual sport, such as golf or tennis. Maybe you’d like to start swimming or climbing. Turning being active into a hobby makes it easier to make it a part of your life.

Learn desk exercises

If you spend most of your day in front of a desk, it can be beneficial to learn some exercises you can do while sitting. You can also invest in a standing desk or simply take timed breaks. Every so often, move away from your desk and walk around the office, outside, or do a few flights of stairs. Sitting at a desk can adversely affect your health, so it’s good to find small ways to stay active while doing work.