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Many people started 2019 by creating a resolution to workout and get more active in the coming year. However, after a few weeks or a couple of months, it becomes much harder for people to stay on course with their resolutions. Even after a couple of weeks, it can be challenging to find the motivation to get to the gym or workout at home, especially in the cold winter months. Here are some tips to make pursuing fitness in the winter easier so you can stay on track.

Dress appropriately

Whether you’re planning to workout inside or outside, make sure you’re dressing in accordance with the weather. If you’re going to be outside, even for a short period of time, cover your arms and legs with clothing you can take off once you get warmed up inside. If you’re just starting to practice fitness regularly, invest in some quality workout clothes that make you feel motivated to workout.

Get a friend

If you have a workout buddy who holds you accountable, even on days when you think it’s too cold to leave the house, you’ll find it’s much easier to adhere to your fitness routine. Maybe you do not have someone that can go with you to the gym in person, but even having someone you that can message you to remind you of your goals helps with motivation.

Take some classes

You’ll find it’s easier to feel motivated if you’re taking fitness classes you genuinely enjoy. Enroll in yoga, a kickboxing class, or something else you find interesting. You’ll be more likely to keep going to class if you have a set schedule, enjoy what you’re doing, and are paying for those classes.

Try home workouts

This tip can be tricky, because some people find it easier to not do home workouts, but others believe working out at home is easier than prompting themselves to head to the gym. Have a list of workouts and the necessary equipment at your home so if there are days you don’t get out, you still have what you need to get a workout in at your house.

Know when to workout

You’re going to feel more motivated at some times than others when it comes to working out. Learn when you feel the most energetic and what times are easiest for you to get a workout in, such as when you first wake up, right before work, immediately after work, or before bed. Experiment with different routines to see which one works best for you.

Focus on your goals

You’ll find it easier to stay motivated to workout when you focus on the reasons why you’re becoming more active. Think about how good you’ll feel as you reach your goals and make fitness a consistent part of your life.