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Hiking trips offer exciting and healthy ways to view the quaint and unique regions of European countries. Such locations often lure hikers who, with guides, can visit coastlines and traverse vineyards and breathtaking mountain vistas that move the spirit. There are also self-guided walking tours in Europe with trails made eons ago by mule tracks. These trails lead through iconic medieval villages, with lovely scenes at every turn.

Mont Blanc in France

France has the highest point in the Alps, Mt. Blanc. This majestic snow-covered mountain presents to the adventurous trekker awe-inspiring scenery and glorious heights on an 11-day trek. Not only is this a long-distance hike, but it has 10,000 meters of cumulative ascent and descent.

Fjords of Norway

For those who like easy or challenging treks, the fjords offer many variations in one place. For families, there are treks over bluish glaciers and views of narrow fjords that have mountains coming straight up from them. Natural parks provide a variety of glaciers and narrow forests that offer paths for all levels of hikers.

High Tatras, Slovakia

The only mountain range in Eastern Europe offers waterfalls and valleys to hike through. There are memorable tours of three days that include the picturesque Green Lake, Strbske Lake and Velika Valley. Trails range from easy to moderate in difficulty. Hikes can be one-day, several days or hut-to-hut treks that are even longer.

Northern and Southern Corsica

Famous as Napoleon’s place of birth, Northern Corsica offers rugged terrain for the experienced hiker. However, there are places to rest, and trails are marked well. There are huts to relax in, have a hearty meal, sit out a storm or have a good night’s rest. An easier trek is in the Southern section.

Plitvice Lakes National Park, Slovakia

With beautiful turquoise waters and waterfalls, along with sturdy and picturesque wood walkways, Plitvice Lakes National Park is a place where hours of hiking seem short. A ferry ride across Lake Kozjak unites two halves of the park where there are 16 lakes surrounded by lush foliage.

The Matterhorn Trek

A multicultural trek, this has ancient trails linking the Swiss and Italian valleys. Hikers cross from the lovely meadows and glacial passes of Switzerland to Italy on what is known as the Spaghetti Tour.