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Staying active is very important for any family. It leads to better health and allows your family to make great memories together. Too often, families spend their time engaged in separate activities that have few benefits. By finding ways to stay active together, families are participating in healthy hobbies that have lasting benefits. There are many ways that your family can stay active; here are just a few suggestions of what you can do.

Choose little ways

An easy first step to take is simply beginning to be more active in small ways. Instead of taking an escalator or an elevator when you’re out and about, use the stairs. Be more willing to walk places instead of driving, even if it takes a little longer. These small changes will add up and lead to a more active lifestyle.

Play a game

No matter what age your children are, there are plenty of games out there you can play that’ll make you all more active. Grab a frisbee or play a game of capture the flag. You’ll make great memories and have fun while also being active. Encourage your kids to invite their friends over and make it a bigger event.

Find a rec team

Most communities have some kind of rec teams. While there may be age brackets for some of them, finding a league you can all participate in is certainly possible! If you can’t find something, you could make your own and recruit other families. Getting together with other people to play a game of basketball or football is a lot of fun and helps you be active. It might get a bit competitive, but remember that the intention of the rec team is to have fun and be active; keep it light!

Go for walks

Instead of sitting down in front of the television when you get home, recruit your entire family and go for a walk. You’ll get to spend some time in the fresh air in addition to staying active. It’s a low impact exercise and has many benefits with minimal effort.

Plan an active holiday

When you’re planning your family holiday, take active options into account. Maybe you could go on a weekend camping trip with your family or head to the beach and spend time trying some water sports or rent bikes and ride around the town. Anywhere you go, there will be options to be more active, so embrace those!