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Europe is a magical destination for cyclists. For those who love to get out in the wind and explore new scenery, visit historic places, learn new things, or make new cycling friends, Europe is the ideal destination. These five cycling tours provide lots of scenery and new experiences that will create memories to last a lifetime.

Lake Constance, Germany

The German city of Constance provides endless natural beauty along the shoreline of Lake Constance. It reaches into both Switzerland and Austria. Idyllic villages, dramatic castles, and breathtaking waterfalls are only some of the attractions along this route. These extraordinarily well-posted pathways are bicycle-only routes with cyclist-friendly hotels and hostels. Electric bicycle rentals are plentiful, meaning nearly any skill level can make this amazing trek.

Gnesta, Sweden

One of Sweden’s most culturally traditional remaining regions is Sörmland, south and west from Stockholm. Colorful little hamlets pepper the whole region. The ride from Gnesta to Mariefred features log cabins offering lodging, lakeside scenery, rolling hills and genuine Swedish culture around every corner.

Puglia, Italy

Puglia, located in Italy’s “boot heel” has been part of the Greek, Roman, and Spanish empires, all of which have left heavy influences on every aspect of its traditions. The architectural possibilities are endless, with cathedrals, ruined amphitheaters, and castles of Spanish descent. The peaceful olive groves in the sun, numerous brooks, bridges, and cave-based wine cellars are sure to leave cyclists longing to return.

Champagne, France

Champagne remains one of France’s most rural regions with winery chateaus on every hillside, bubbling rivers, endless golden fields of grain, and of course, champagne. There is no limit to the number of routes that can be planned by hopping from vineyard to vineyard. Naturally, there will be lots of museums, art galleries, fresh produce, flowers, and outdoor cafes. This is France, after all.

Coastal Ireland

The western coast of Ireland may be the most beautiful and charming trip a cyclist could hope to make. Mild climate, breathtaking scenery, thousand-year-old castle ruins, and Celtic archaeological sites are everywhere. The seaside cliffs topped with vibrant green are truly stunning. Of course, no trip to Ireland is complete without visiting a country pub and riding home with the local vicar.