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Sticking to a workout regimen may be rewarding, but it’s also a challenge. It can be all too easy to decide that you just have too much to do or need to get some rest instead of heading to the gym for a workout. Fortunately, you can make it a little easier by finding a friend to be a workout partner and hold you accountable with your fitness routine. Here are five benefits of working out with a friend.

Fewer skipped workouts

Working out with a friend means that you’ll have someone to hold you accountable as you get into shape. This accountability translates into fewer skipped workouts, especially if your friend is more diligent than you are with exercise.

Push yourself harder

Even though you should be working out for yourself, simply having someone there who is going through the same exercises as you are will drive you to push yourself harder. If your friend is in better shape than you, you will be even more inspired to push yourself to your limits.

Inspired to try new exercises

Your friend will probably do more than inspire you to work harder during your exercises. As you push yourself, the two of you might be inspired to try new things in the gym. You might try out new stretches, lift heavier weights, use exercise machines that you’ve never used before, and other things that will make your workout more enjoyable and productive and lead to variety in what you’re doing.

Longer workouts

Working out with a friend is more fun than working out alone, and time flies when you’re having fun. Having someone else with you will take your mind off of how hard you’re working and how tired you’re getting. This diversion will inspire you to have longer workouts. Just be careful that you’re not pushing yourself too hard for too long; even those in the best shape of their lives need to know when to take time to recover.

You’ll enjoy yourself

While everyone should be exercising for their own sake, you should also be enjoying yourself during your workout. We did touch on the fact that working out with a friend is more fun, but it cannot be stressed enough. Having someone with you to keep you company makes your time at the gym feel less like a chore, which might be the motivation you need to keep coming back. Find a friend who wants to work out with you, and have fun.