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Biking can be a very rewarding activity that can do wonders for your health. It will not take you very long to be immersed in the practice, but it may take some time to fully perfect your skills. Every professional cyclist was a novice at one point, so the learning curve is the same for every new person. Sometimes, even the most experienced cyclists may get confused every now and again about best practices for cycling. If you are new to cycling, here are some beginning tips to help you on your way.

Purchase locally

The biggest enticing factor of purchasing bikes online is the discounts that you could potentially get. However, there are even greater benefits from purchasing bikes at your local shop. These benefits include having professionals ensuring that you can actually fit the bike you purchase, offering services that are free for about six months, and giving you expert advice. You cannot get any of these in practicality over the Internet. Having expert advice and ensuring you know everything there is to know about your bike before you purchase is highly recommended. Even after you purchase your bike, if you develop a strong relationship with shop owners, you have someone to ask for advice and help solve issues.

Get comfortable

When it comes to biking, especially for extended periods of time, comfort is key. Many cyclists who are professionals still have to occasionally tweak their fit to accommodate their needs. Finding out the right fit for you can be found through calculating your saddle height. This height is accomplished by placing your heel on the pedal at its furthest point. You know you have a lot of space if the front wheel from the hub is out of sight from underneath the handlebars when riding on the top. Ensure that you have enough space to bend your elbows as well.

Join a club

Some view joining a cycling club with the same nervousness as joining a gym. Being amongst a group of those who are more experienced can be nerve-wracking when you’re just starting at cycling. However, a good cycling club helps you build confidence, assists you with technical questions, and helps you find help on any mechanical complications you may have. You could even ask somebody to help accommodate you with certain hand signals and proper etiquette. A willingness to learn is key towards becoming a seasoned cyclist.

Follow these tips, and your cycling journey will become easier.