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Kevin Patrick Sharkey

Fitness & Outdoors

Kevin Patrick Sharkey is an experienced entrepreneur with a passion for fitness and the great outdoors.

Kevin Patrick Sharkey is a distinguished entrepreneur with a passion for property development and investment. Located in Birmingham, Kevin graduated from The University of Manchester with a Bachelors degree in International Business, Finance, and Economics. He graduated with honors in 2003.

Shortly after completing his education, Kevin took inspiration from his father and began working independently in the construction industry. He began this process by purchasing a few small properties, which he then renovated to make a profit. However, as interest and demand for his creations began to increase, he expanded his scope, investing in vacant properties he would build homes upon from scratch.

Now, Kevin Patrick Sharkey is the Director and a Co-founder of Key Land Capital PLC, an independent property investment and development firm that is focused on improving the real estate market in the West Midlands. As it stands, the company is actively managing a £40 million portfolio and providing investment opportunities to interested individuals across the region.

While Kevin is quite satisfied and excited by his work, his true happiness is found in the time he gets to spend with his young family. Thanks to the flexibility afforded to him by his career path, Kevin can be present in the lives of his wife and young son and daughter. The Sharkey family loves going on holiday, venturing out to Spain in the summer, and just going out to dinner or the theater throughout the week. This time spent with family has been a major contributor to Kevin’s success, as they continue to keep him grounded and provide him the motivation necessary to tackle even the most complex projects.

Furthermore, Kevin enjoys spending time in the great outdoors, whether that be by picnicking with his family, going on a run, or cycling. While he started the latter two hobbies to stay fit, he has developed a true passion for exercise over the past few years. He has run numerous 10k races, half-marathons, and even travels to Europe to partake in snowboarding and cycling events. Having completed the London marathon in 2009, he hopes to run and complete another full marathon and improve on his personal best time of 3 hours 36 minutes. For now, though, he is content with running on his own schedule.

If you wish to learn more about Kevin Patrick Sharkey, his family life, and their wide array of interests, be sure to visit his blog page, which is updated frequently with related content.

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